A letter supporting Ferndale City Council’s ‘Rejecting White Supremacy’ resolution / Facebook, Sj Robson

August 18. 2019 Sandy Robson

I sent this email letter copied and pasted below to the Ferndale’s city council members and mayor Jon Mutchler today:

Dear Ferndale City Council members and Mayor Mutchler,

It is my understanding that the
Ferndale City Council has proposed a resolution entitled, “Rejecting White Supremacy and Establishing Ferndale as a Welcoming City,” and you are discussing it at the ‪August 19, 2019‬ City Council meeting.

First, I support the resolution that is being proposed. However, I want to point out a few things relating to the proposed resolution which I feel are important for you all to consider. 

In the resolution, the third Whereas section states:
“Whereas, communities must take a strong and united stand against hateful and divisive rhetoric to ensure it does not become common and accepted in our community.”

The seventh Whereas section states:
“Whereas, zero is the accepted amount of white supremacist activity and racism in Ferndale.” 

The resolution then goes on to state:
“Now therefore, the City Council of the City of Ferndale do resolve as follows:

“Section 1. That we affirm Ferndale is a welcoming community to all people, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or country of origin. We stand united against racist, xenophobic groups that promote bigotry and hatred. We reject all forms of racism and white supremacy and speak out against anyone who wishes to divide us by prejudice.” 

In reading “Whereas” sections 3 and 7, and in reading Section 1 in the “Now Therefore” section, I ask that any current city council member, candidates running for city council, and the candidates running for mayor to stand against the bigotry, hatred and racism which has been, and continues to be, supported and promoted by the Whatcom County Republican Party through its organization’s support and promotion of President Donald Trump and some other local candidates.

For the last several years we have witnessed, and continue to witness, Mr. Trump, as both a presidential candidate and as president, repeatedly exhibit bigotry, hatred, and racism.

I’ve attached three photos of the Whatcom County Republican Party’s booth at the Lynden Fair. As you can see, promoting President Trump and his 2020 candidacy, is a primary focus of their organization’s booth. 

I wrote an article published on August 13, 2019 by The Searchlight Review. 
I encourage you all to read it as it provides a detailed account which shows the foundation for the point I’m making here to you all. 

Some of the candidates running for city council and mayor have supported and/or received support from the Whatcom County Republican Party. If the City of Ferndale truly believes in the language contained in the proposed resolution, then I would expect Ferndale’s current city council and mayor, and its mayoral and city council candidates to stand against supporting, or receiving support from, an organization such as the Whatcom County Republican Party which has shown itself to support and/or promote bigotry, hatred and racism. 

Here is a link to my ‪August 19, 2019‬ article:

Thank you for considering my comments.


Sandy Robson

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