Ferndale permits being issued for ICE office on Boulos property / Noisy Waters Northwest

August 9, 2021 Dena Jensen

So! I have some additional news about the ICE Enforcement & Removals Operations office in Ferndale. It’s been known that such Immigration and Customs Enforcement locations exist in our local communities but it is challenging to find out where they are.  Community members learned about an address in Ferndale and showed up there today for a Dignity Vigil to say we want ICE OUT of our Whatcom County communities!

There was information discovered of this ICE office at 1380 Commerce Place, but also online, a link to City of Ferndale permitting information turned up for 1390 Commerce Place, as well, with the owners of the property – who are not the federal government! – listed:

Parcel 390233 401452 0000 


Address 1390 Commerce Place Ferndale,  wa 98248

There is an Encroachment Permit Fee that is due before August 26, 2021 when the permit expires. The project is stated as: “PLACE ENTRANCE CABLE TO NEW DHS-ICE BUILDING AT 1390 COMMERCE PL PER CUSTOMER REQ FOR SERVICE FROM ZIPLY FIBER” 

The application for the building is listed as being accepted in October of last year. 

There’s quite a list of business enterprises connected to Mahmoud Boulos when you do an internet search. But it’s really bad business to threaten our community with separated families, trauma and mistreatment due to ICE apprehensions, detainments, and deportations. Let Mr. Boulos and businesses who do business with him know we won’t tolerate ICE living here in Whatcom County! 

Mahmoud B Boulos

1440 Admiral Pl

Ferndale, WA 98248

Contact: Mahmoud B Boulos

Title: Partner

Phone: (360) 733-8700

Here are two links to permitting info on 1390 Commerce Place in Ferndale: 



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