Timeline for WWU students / Storify, Bellingham Racial Justice Coalition

timeline for wwu students.jpg21 hours ago November 30, 2015  Bellingham Racial Justice Coalition

Events leading up to and following the violent threats against Black students at Western Washington University

July 2015 – A professor sends correspondence to WWU student government members Belina Seare (student body president) and Abby Ramos (VP for diversity) about the mascot and how it doesn’t represent all students.

October 2015 – Ramos replies to confirm the need/desire for a general discussion about the mascot among all students.


November 19 – WWU’s campus newspaper, The Western Front, reports on an effort led by a professor to survey students about the school mascot.



November 20 – KIRO 7 in Seattle picks up the story, and publishes news about the survey that misrepresents the origins and nature of the mascot discussion. WWU’s administration takes no measure to correct the claims reported by KIRO 7. […]


Read Bellingham Racial Justice Coalition’s complete post on Storify here.

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