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Issue 1, May 1992. Truly a grassroots endeavor: Rebecca even hand drew the title and wetland heron that appeared on the early Whatcom Watch home-based newsletter. Click the graphic to read some of the original content in the first edition.


June 28, 2016  Rebecca Meloy

Note: Rebecca Meloy and Barbara Perry have created the new Facebook group, Whatcom Watch Original, that this Facebook post of Rebecca’s describes.

Here is the web address for that group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/202428866819159/


In 1992 at her kitchen table, the Whatcom Watch originator Rebecca Meloy, with Lorena Havens and Sherilyn Wells, launched the Whatcom Watch –a county-wide, grassroots, volunteer, cooperative, information network dedicated to preserving Whatcom County quality of life through personal empowerment, open and honest communication, and proactive planning. The newsletter that blossomed into a newspaper was produced monthly from May 1992 to September 1998 at which time then volunteers’ incorporated a different entity called the Whatcom Watch Newspaper that is now independently managed and produced.

Thousands of local citizens have been active with participating and networking fir 24 years.

On June 27, 2016, Rebecca Meloy and Barbara Perry restored the original Whatcom Watch mission — a source for county-wide communication and planning.

Local citizens who are concerned about the well-being of our community are welcome and encouraged to participate in this Facebook forum hub.

The opinions expressed are those held by each individual. Whatcom Watch Original does not necessarily agree with all opinions expressed.

WWO’s Whatcom County League of Progressive Media list recommends and endorses local Facebook and On-line local news sources.

Government Contacts
(data soon to be listed)

WWO’s Facebook page is set up with categories. Please add data under the best category. They are:

Round Table News
Keep on Truckin

The News Dog’s Calender

Ranting Rodeo

Progressive People
Running for Office

Progressive Success

Notes & Letters
Local History


Go Fund Me

WWI Featured
Banner Artist


Read Rebecca’s post in the Whatcom Watch Original Facebook group here.

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