Consider supporting changes by Council Member Weimer to the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 2 Land Use / Facebook Post, Whatcom Hawk, Wendy Harris

carl weimer post on chapter 2 edits

8 hrs  June 28, 2016  Wendy Harris

Please consider supporting the below changes [to the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 2 Land Use] drafted by council member Carl Weimer through public comments and testimony. They are intended to protect the environment and Lummi cultural values at Cherry Point. From what I witnessed in following the comp. plan, most recommended changes that are well informed and seek to improve environmental protection were drafted by Carl and are often backed by Todd [Donovan].

The changes from Rud Browne focus on and support business and growth, including “shovel ready” industrial land. He is behind the push to promote outdoor recreation as a big business, with little environmental consideration or understanding of the impacts. In the meanwhile, trails are going to be developed that upset both environmental folks and conservative county residents.

Barbara has been active, but her work has been a mixed bag. At times she inserts environmental concerns that were missing and needed, but when it comes to Natural Resource industries, she will go out out way to met most industry demands. She supports incentives, “farm friendly” regulations and all kinds of policies that promote mining and forestry. She is sometimes joined by Satpal Sidhu with regard to pro-agricultural comp. plan changes.

Carl’s proposal, despite its strength, is not a a panacea to all the problems that still exist in the comp. plan, so active citizen involvement is needed. It appears that most comments are being made during the committee meeting sessions and are from professional developers and lobbyists.

Read Wendy’s post in the Whatcom Hawk Facebook group here.

Here is the link to Carl’s Edits to Chapter 2 of the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan:


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