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sample ballot 2018

Click the graphic to view the complete August 7, 2018 Primary Election sample ballot on the Whatcom County website

July 24, 2018  Corky Nouveau

Citizens Beware…

Those were the last words that Jewell James gave to those of us who attended the recent Bears Ears totem pole blessing at the Bellingham Unitarian Church. Those words concluded a wide-ranging discourse full of wisdom and warning. Needless to say, the Natives who have long suffered at the hands of Washington State’s repressive state and local law enforcement agencies know of what they speak. Citizens beware, be aware, be wary….

Thanks to The Intercept, Matt Krogh and The Gristle, we now know we need look no further than our own Whatcom County Sheriff’s Dept (WCSD) to find who fits the description as the stalkers of our freedoms. The fossil-fuel security states have enlisted our local sheriffs to spy on us, track our movements and report us to the higher agencies of the American and Canadian provinces of Petro-dom. The oil barons’ stooge Trudeau has betrayed the world and and aims to push vast amounts of planet-killing tar sands muck through the Salish Sea and down our throats. And the WCSD stands ready and apparently eager to suppress the constitutional rights of those that dare to protest and resist. The WCSD appears to be collaborating with the Dept. of Homeland Security: the Trumpian greenshirts that are kidnapping children, delivering them into ghastly confinement and abuse, and destroying families. Thus our WCSD becomes part of a brutal and growing authoritarian police state .

There is a remedy for this state of affairs here, for this local scenario in our worsening national emergency, and it is in the ballots that are on tables all across the county. We must turn out the vote for the progressive, Democrat candidates who will protect our rights and expunge the influences of 40 years of McEachran-ism from the County Prosecutor’s office. Vote James Erb! We need to gear up for future elections to replace the County Executive and County Sheriff who have approved repressive policies in our homeland. We need to remove the local Trump puppet Ericksen from our Senate, along with his fellow Trumpsters from the House. Zinke will be coming after us soon, to force our surrender his fossil fuel overlords. Citizens beware.

Corky Nouveau is the pen name of a talented and opinionated local Whatcom County resident who has kindly consented to have his entertaining and informative observations printed on Noisy Waters Northwest. 

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