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ericksen proud to represent companies

Click the graphic to access this Doug Ericksen Facebook post on his @SenEricksen Facebook page


September 6, 2018  Dena Jensen

We are now at an even dozen days of Doug’s Got to Go posts and today’s reason that we need to vote Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen out of office is that he is “Very proud to be the State Senator for companies…” Yes, he does say, “for companies that invest back in our Community,” but I do not want a State Senator who represents companies. I want a State Senator who represents individual citizens. Companies are not people and corporations are not people. Senator Ericksen does not understand this which makes it extra dangerous that he gets the type of campaign contributions that he does. 

Here’s the link to the pdc page where you will find the “Contributions” tab that lists the top 45 contributors to Senator Ericksen’s campaign:

Here’s the link to Senator Ericksen’s post shown in the screenshot on his Doug Ericksen @SenEricksen Facebook page:

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