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Click the graphic to access The Bellingham Herald article, “PDC: Doug Ericksen’s campaign cash coming mostly from special interests, corporations

September 13, 2018  Dena Jensen

Doug’s Got to Go post #19 is going to focus on the prominent display of corporate and business campaign contributions to Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen’s campaign. In the Public Disclosure Commission charts shown in this post we can see that in 2014 Senator Ericksen’s contributions were composed of $118,073 in contributions from businesses, compared to his opponent Seth Fleetwood’s business contributions being composed of $5775 for that year.

There were more details shared about Senator Ericksen’s campaign contributions from the last time he ran for that position in a September 16, 2014 article in The Bellingham Herald, titled “PDC: Sen. Doug Ericksen’s campaign was coming mostly from special interests, corporations” 

Here is an excerpt from that article:

“Some of Ericksen’s biggest donors included insurance and pharmaceutical companies, railroads, cable and internet providers, and oil, propane and coal companies. Ericksen is chairman of the Senate’s Energy, Environment and Telecommunications committee, and served on the transportation committee.”

Meanwhile the 2018 pdc charts, also pictured in this post, show that so far this year, Senator Ericksen has accumulated $64,750 in contributions from businesses, and Pinky Vargas has so far accumulated $1920.

Click any of the graphics to enlarge the image and to page through to view other enlarged images.

Here are the links to the pdc pages for Doug Ericksen and Pinky Vargas. You can click on the Contributions tab to view the top 45 donors for each candidate:

Doug Ericksen…

Pinky Vargas…

#FireDoug #ByeDoug

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