Jail Roster Booking Chart Data for 2015 / Bellingham Politics and Economics, Ryan M. Ferris

jail roster dataTuesday, June 23, 2015  Ryan M. Ferris

Wednesday this week the Bellingham City Club will feature three speakers on the topic:
“Are we building a jail for the future or are we stuck in the past?”. Today and tonight’s agenda for the Whatcom County Council includes Jail Items. Below the break are some charts that look at data from Whatcom County Jail Roster press releases for 2015 from January 1st through June 19.I don’t have the time for further analysis now as this project is encompassing and will require much more time than I originally anticipated.  My only comment is that clearly assault,  DUI,  DWLS, and violations (usually of protective orders) drive the volume of most charges for jail bookings in Whatcom County.  […]

Read more at Bellingham Politics and Economics, here.

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