Fire Doug #10 / Facebook post, Noisy Waters Northwest

ericksen on the door

Click the graphic to access the Noisy Waters Northwest post, “Doug Ericksen: On the door, or out the door”

September 4, 2018  Dena Jensen

Day number 10 of the Doug’s Got to Go posts finds us remembering the April of 2017 when 42nd LD constituents were often wondering “Where’s Doug?”  I think when it has been, on multiple occasions, so hard to figure out where and when our Republican Senator Doug Ericksen is really working, it’s a sure sign to send him on his way! 

Here is an excerpt on Sandy Robson’s adventures to try to track Senator Ericksen down that spring of 2017:

“I mentioned to the EPA staff person that I had heard from someone that Ericksen has an office at the Region 10 office. The staff person answered that they are prepared with space for him to work if he needs it. That response was unclear to me, so a couple minutes later I circled back to it, and said I had heard from someone who had visited the Region 10 Office last month, that Doug has an office there with his name on the door — so I asked if that’s the prepared space they were referring to.

“The EPA staff person responded saying, yes, it was.It has not yet been confirmed whether Doug Ericksen is still officially working at EPA Headquarters in D.C., or if he is somehow officially working at the EPA Region 10 Office, or if he is no longer working at all for the EPA. I would think however, that if Senator Doug Ericksen were no longer working for the EPA, he would have issued a press release with that information since he has received a lot of criticism for working full-time hours at the EPA while still working as a state senator.”

Read this post in the Noisy Waters Northwest Facebook group here. 


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