Fire Doug #24 / Noisy Waters Northwest

September 18, 2018  Dena Jensen

There have now been 24 days of Doug’s Got to Go posts and yesterday’s 23rd post about  Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen reminded me how he minimizes the level of his climate denial by calling it climate agnosticism and yet had enthusiastically introduced climate-denier Tony Heller for a presentation to a legislative committee last year. That, in turn, reminded me that Senator Ericksen has affiliations that he would like us all to forget about right now while he is running again to represent us. 

Let us not forget.

We all know that Senator Ericksen is one of President Trump’s biggest fans, as this January 2018 article, “State Sen. Doug Ericksen: Trump’s first year has been a resounding success,” in the Seattle Times demonstrates, his @SenEricksen Facebook page used to be full of red white and blue bunting and Trump. And yet the senator has gone through and removed many of his favorite Trump-supporting posts from his campaign page that he just brought back to life after he had hidden the whole page for months. In fact there are only three 2016 posts left on his page since he revived it, the latest one being from March 31st of that year, and only two surviving posts from 2017. 

Senator Ericksen’s shady stealthiness is why I am posting one of the missing posts from 2017 that I have in my possession since I was screen-shotting his posts during that time, because he or his page Admins were furiously removing comments and entire posts, as well as  blocking constituents completely from his @SenEricksen page at that time. Also I am posting his famous MAGA hat and Trump Rally photo that he had proudly displayed on his page while he was the Deputy Director for then-Presidential-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign in Washington state.  Lastly, just for extra creepiness, there is a pair of screenshots of a blogged-about link-up of Senator Ericksen with the ultra-Tea-Party agenda of a fellow 1980’s Sehome High School student through some Whatcom Tea Party company that he kept back in 2010.

Link to the June 6, 2010 Washington Outsiders post, “Glenn Beck, Right-Wing Tea Party Cranks & Doug Ericksen”:

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